TryHackMe: Pre Security (Supplements)

Windows Event Logs

Putting Theory Into Practice

Use XPaths with Get-WinEvent via the -FilterXPath switch. Unlike -FilterHashtable, -FilterXPath can be applied to files specified on the command line using -Path.

From Windows Net command executed to enumerate administrators:

Detect when a user runs the net command to enumerate the Administrators group, which could be indicative of adversarial reconnaissance activity.

Monitoring of Windows event logs where is 4799, @Event.EventData.Data.CallerProcessName is *net1.exe and @Event.EventData.Data.TargetUserName is Administrators.


Basic Terminology

TTP stands for “Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures”, where:

So, something like “obtain access to a domain controller, using exploit X, delivered via a malicious attachment.”

(I mostly say all of this to remind myself that these terms are being used in a slightly different fashion than my current workplace, which would probably use “goals, tactics, techniques” to represent the same steps.)

ATT&CK Framework

“ATT&CK” stands for “Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge”.

CAR Knowledge Base

“CAR” stands for “Cyber Analytics Repository”.

The ATT&CK Navigator tool highlights analytics currently available in CAR using blue.

ATT&CK Emulation Plans

Also known as “AEP”.

The MITRE AEPs are kinda hard to find: