TryHackMe: Complete Beginner (Supplements)

MAL: Malware Introductory

What Is the Purpose of Malware Analysis?

Three objectives of malware analysis:

Identifying if a Malware Attack Has Happened

Malware lifecycle:

The last two of these stages are generally the noisiest. Persistence produces primarily (only?) host-based signatures, while propagation leads to more network-based signatures.

Malware is generally classed by how it executes (i.e., what it does).

Static vs. Dynamic Analysis

The difference here basically boils down to: Did you run it?

Seems like it’s probably best to do dynamic analysis in a cloud VM or something. Though a lot of malware tries to detect if it’s running in a VM these days, so…

Discussion of Provided Tools & Their Uses

Some malware can actually spread over RDP. Ack!

Now Let’s See if the MD5 Checksums Have Been Analyzed Before

I hadn’t noticed this before, but you can submit a file hash to VirusTotal instead uploading a file or submitting a URL. Handy!

Identifying if the Executables are Obfuscated / Packed

It seems like Windows executables have a magic number of 4D 5A.

Introduction to Strings

Microsoft Sysinternals has a strings command. Neat!