TryHackMe: Complete Beginner (Supplements)

CC: Pen Testing

Metasploit Modules

Search for modules using search.

Module options can be displayed with the options command (once a module is loaded). Use advanced for “advanced” options.

Most modules support the ARCH and PAYLOAD options (for specifying target architecture and the payload to deliver). These options can also be set by directly calling a fully-specified payload.


Sometimes the migrate process will allow you to move laterally or even escalate privileges within a system.

Some more commands:


Hashcat mode 100 corresponds to SHA1; 900 is MD4.


-u URL/--url=URL - process URL (this must include the query parameters with values to test or you must specify POST parameters with values using --data)

-p - which URL parameter(s) (variables) to test

--dbms=DB_TYPE - only use injections for a given type of backend database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)

-D/-T/-C - select a specific database/table/column to dump

--dump - dump data

--os-shell - attempt to spawn an interactive shell

--os-pwn - attempt to spawn a Meterpreter shell or VNC session

A Note on Manual SQL Injection

OWASP actually has a good tutorial for SQL injection attacks.

Web Application SQL Injection Vulnerabilities