ITPro.TV: CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601) & TryHackMe: Jr. Penetration Tester (Supplements)

ITPro.TV: CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601)

Organizational Security Policies - Data

Data classification involves the data owner labeling the data in question so that only appropriate people have access to it (with the appropriate privileges).

There’s also data categorization, which is a different but related concept that labels the data in question based on the business impact should it become unavailable.

“Governance” is the “system by which an organization directs and controls IT security” (per ISO 38500). Governance is about who can make decisions, while management is about making decisions to mitigate risk.

Governance is strategic, but management is operational.

Policies (and sometimes procedures) are generally about governance - we’re doing X, and person Y is in charge. The management then becomes the question of how person Y implements X.

Organizational Security Policies - Other Areas

“Change management” is the process of implementing and documenting changes, while “change control” encompasses the actual technical controls used to realize this. “Change management” is “all roll-outs must have a roll-back plan”, while the use of git would be a “change control”. The universe of “change controls” is thus a proper subset of the universe of “change management”.

TryHackMe: Jr. Penetration Tester (Supplements)

I’m done with the Jr. Penetration Tester learning path, but while I was working on it a number of rooms were mentioned in asides. A few potentially interesting rooms were also released during that time. So before moving on to the next learning path it’s time to mop up some of these “supplemental” rooms.

Today: Red Team Fundamentals.

Engagement Structure

Once again, the Lockheed Martin kill chain (my paraphrasing):