AWS Deep Dive

author: Nathan Acks
date: 2022-08-23

DNS Demystified: Amazon Route 53

AWS re:Invent 2016: DNS Demystified - Amazon Route 53 (YouTube)

Route 53 has a 100% SLA (!!!).

Route 53 can resolve to geographically close hosts, handle failover, etc. All the things you would expect a DNS system hosted by Amazon to be able to do with Amazon Web Services.

Route 53 supports ALIAS/ANAME for A records.

Route 53 breaks up nameservers between clients in a similar fashion to AWS’s back-end networking HyperPlane nodes (see my notes about AWS VPCs from 2022-08-20) - nameservers are shared between customers, but no two customers have the same set of nameservers.

Route 53 can also be used to set up internal DNS for VPCs. Internal DNS has all of the features of Route 53’s external DNS, and as a bonus can use arbitrary TLDs.

Route 53 features a graphical interface for designing DNS routing rules (should a user get routed based on geographic proximity, fastest connection, and so on? how should server failover be handled? etc.), called “Traffic Flow”.